The company offers a variety of services and tourism programs that meet the
Needs of all customers.
Summer and mid-year holidays
Booking of hotels, resorts and vessels.
Honeymoon vacations.

Daily trips
Book airline tickets on all airlines.
Reservation of train tickets within the Caucasus Local Transport Company
Car hire and limousine services.

Organization of exhibitions, conferences and weddings
The company offers special rates for companies, groups and students. For businesses and groups carry out both daily and long-distance flights.


Our Educational Services:

University partnerships

University, study and program information

Country-specific information

Apply for study

Supplementary Programs

Submit a student visa application - Assistance in the provision of – housing

Legal services

Flight tickets

Hotel reservations

Transportation arrangements - Car rental services

Vacations for students



With BTH group, you can rent luxury and economy vehicles to head off to the places of your choice.

With Beyond The Horizon Group, you can rent luxury and economy vehicles to head off to the places of your choice. Car rental from Airport to any corner of India, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belorussia, and in Turkey is simple with BTH Group. We have all kinds of vehicles available including Cars, Luxury Coaches, Mini buses, Tempo travelers etc. along with trained and experienced chauffeurs. Our fleet of luxury vehicles is well equipped with all the necessary features on board to make sure you have a comfortable journey in every sense. These features include Seating Capacity depending upon the number of people, Spacious 2x2 pushback seats, Air conditioning, Music system, Ample luggage space and Mic facility.


With BTH Group,you just need to send your report to our emails and we will contact the best hospitals in India ,Azerbaijan ,Turkey,Georgia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.We will come back to you with all the information you need:Best treatment ,best price,best results ...

We will be with you from the beginning of the treatment till the end of it


With the aim of developing resources by contributing to investment projects in the agricultural sectors industry, trade, transportation and services on economic and commercial bases will provide a support and economic development. The Company has all the guarantees and privileges guaranteed by the applicable investment laws.In contributing countries, including ensuring full freedom of movement of funds and non-subjection to nationalization and confiscation the company operates in Two main areas:

Investment in projects of economic feasibility in the agricultural, industrial and service section n in Arab Countries.

Providing banking and financial services to public and private sector institutions inside and outside the Arab countries.


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